Friday, June 4, 2010

The 21 Challenge - Day 4

More photos that I have been wanting to put on a layout for some time! I was thrown by the colours of my top - just could not get a CS to match - so put them away until now. I did crop the photos down and that helped me see a layout. Now about the photos.

Soon after arriving in Xiantang at Hunan Institute of Engineering (HIE) as an English teacher, I was asked to prepare a presentation for English Corner (where the students organise an evening where they had entertainment etc). I was asked to talk on why a student should study in a foreign country and I was told I could 'sing' as well. Well I love to sing, and have been in several choirs in my time but not before this crowd!!! I decided to give them a taste of Aussie slang - I prepared a bag with whatever Aussie I had with me - I would put on my 'sunnies', throw the 'lollies', put on my 'lippy' and put up my 'brolly' and more. The students loved it and had many a laugh - often during my year at HIE students would come up and talk 'Aussie' with me - oi, oi, oi!!!!
Thank you for following layouts for The 21 Challenge, look to the top right on how you donate to this cause and thank you to those that have already done this. Much appreciated.
If you want to give me a layout challenge, during this challenge, just leave me a comment.
Until tomorrow.

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Kim Tonnet said...

I think this is my fave so far. But today's pic of you at 11 years old, that's close. You're going well. Keep going. The mug cake - interesting, bet Ashley would like this. A school holiday idea. Luv KimT


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