Friday, August 26, 2011

Medallion Wedding Card

Tomorrow I am attending a wedding and here is the card I have made for the happy couple. The colour was inspired by the ribbon around their wedding invitation. Looking for a less traditional wedding card I went blog surfing and I found a card by Christine Miller on which I based this card. My thanks also go to Jayne for lending me her stamp. Happiness always Tegan and Ben

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Scrapbooking memories

This week I have managed to complete 3 scrapbook pages - slowly the mojo is returning. My friends came to Australia from Missouri in December, 2010 for a holiday and these pages are from that visit.
We had a fabulous day at Australian Walkabout Wildlife Park, Calga NSW - if you have not been there and you live in or are planning to visit Sydney, go there in the school holidays when they have a fantastic holiday programme. Aboriginal Face Painting was a hit.
At the end of their holiday I asked each of them to write down their individual memories of their holiday. I have kept this page simple as the memories are the most important element of the pages.Today, I went out and got the remainer of my USA holiday photos developed - a bargain at .12c per photograph as I had so many!!!!
I hope to get more pages created in the coming week.


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