Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The 21 Challenge - Day 1

I have registered for The 21 Challenge at http://www.openfamilyfundraising.org.au/
The 21 Challenge is your chance to help homeless youth by doing something you love, perhaps something you don’t love, or even something you’ve never done before, for 21 days.
I will be doing something I love - scrapbooking a page a day for 21 days. My niece is also participating and she has made a greater sacrifice - giving up Facebook for 21 days.
I thought it appropriate to start with a page of my 21st birthday party many years ago. I made my crepe pantsuit (with a touch of glitter in the weave) and check out the little pink bow in my hair. And look how skinny I was then....... Such fun times and it only seems like yesterday.
If you would like to donate some money to this cause you can do so my personal page
Come back tomorrow to see page 2/21.


Kim Tonnet said...

Good on you Margaret. Ditto to your niece. I would like to sponsor you both, $1 per day each. Payable at the end of 21 days. You have my word, we'll settle up soon. I'll be watching. Luv KimT

Fiona said...

Love your first page Margaret. I will sponser you $1 a day too ! Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely pages.

Merryl said...

Great photo!!! Love the outfit! You must have been the height of fashion. I am looking forward to number 2 tomorrow


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