Sunday, June 20, 2010

The 21 Challenge - Day 20

The penultimate page. I have had some brushes with fame over the years - When I was bank teller Johnny O'Keefe came in for his banking, I cashed his cheque and he said "Thanks love!!!. I remember one time I had flown from New York to LAX, the plane was late arriving at LAX and even later leaving for Sydney that meant many hours waiting at LAX - when in came Hugh Jackman and he was rushed through to First Class - no doubt spending time in some first class lounge beforehand and not with me in Cattle Class. This page is dedicated to one other of my brushes with fame. The journaling reads:
"My brush with fame. June, 2009 Great American Scrapbook Convention Arlington, Texas.
When I first started scrapbooking I bought 2 books by Joanna Campbell Slan that are full of journaling hints and tips. Imagine my delight when I am came across her signing two recent novels, with a scrapbooking theme. I was starstruck! I bought and she signed the books and I
told her I had her other books. She was impressed that I had come from Australia for the convention. I walked (no ran back) to Carol, Laura and Tracey to tell them I had seen her!"
The photo shows her signing one of the books.
This is a bright page. I have gold embossed the background cardstock and embossed some other stars in the other colours of the books.

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Kim Tonnet said...

Wow, JO'K. And Hugh...that I can envy. You're almost over the line. I'll congratulate you and settle up tomorrow. Must catch up with Jess too. Luv KimT


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