Saturday, June 19, 2010

The 21 Challenge - Day 19

This is my Grandfather (we kids called him "Pop") standing beside Crawford Rd sign, in Morriset NSW. He and my Grandmother moved from Hornsby to Morriset in 1930. This road was named after him, as he was a representative on the Morriset Farms Estate during the depression. This company used to show people farms that were for sale, selling off plan in Corranbong and Morriset and surrounding districts. He had a dairy up the road and used to supply milk during the depression - my Dad spent his younger years on the farm and would always tell us tales of life on the farm. In 1947 Pop and Grandma would leave Morriset and settle for the rest of their lives in Asquith.
This photograph would have been taken in the 1960's - and yes the road is still there.
As children we would many times make the journey to Crawford Rd, we would take friends and family to show them the sign. We would all have our photos taken to record the occasion (just can't find those photos). Towards the end of my father's life I would take him for the drive up to Morriset and I would ask him questions so that this part of our heritage could be saved for future generations.

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