Thursday, October 20, 2016

Getting Messy

The next to last challenge over a Scrap Girls Retreat at home was simply "Get Messy" - here is my layout:
Now get messy I did, the kitchen (aka the workroom), the layout all got messy.  First of all I used Tinby Designs Colour Crush watercolour powders to create the background. Now of course, I could not find a spray bottle that had a fine mist, so I had to use one that had only one spray coming out of it.  Never mind I like the result.  Finished of with bits of co-ordinating papers and threads from my stash. 
Now I mounted the photograph, of sunrise at Corindi Beach, with foam tape, it fell onto the layout and an angle and of course it would not lift off, and then to boot it buckled on the page.
Well and truly messy!!!
I enjoyed the process.
Thank you for looking, Margaret :)

Christmas cards

I recently became aware of a group that distributes handmade Christmas cards that spread cheer to residents of nursing homes. Here are some cards I have designed that will find their way to this group.  I have made up several packs of these and the ladies at a community craft group, where I lead a class, will make them up
A very simple and easy way of spreading Christmas Cheer.  It runs from 1st October to 25 November, 2016.
This card drive was started in the USA 7 years ago.  The first year they collected 750 cards and each year it continues to grow.  Last year they received over 22,000 cards and they are distributed to over 100 nursing homes throughout USA, Canada and yes, Australia.  And this year they are branching out to UK and Europe.
If you are interested and want to participate please click on this link to find out more.

bring on the sunshine

Here is another layout I have created for the Scrap Girls At Home Retreat challenges they have been running. Just waiting for the first day of summer and then I will take a photo and adhere.
Here is the challenge inspiration:
Thank you for looking, Margaret :)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

We 'r' nuts today!

This layout is for another challenge over at Scrap Girls at Home Retreat.  This time it was a blind scrap, you are given requirements for layout and then instructions to follow. 
This photo was taken at Yandina Nutworks, in Queensland.  My friend Mel and I could not resist having our photo taken.
This is a close up of the some of the layering of papers.  The patterned paper is an old Stampin' Up! (r) range and it was suitable for this as the images are Australian.  And I chose papers that could be loosely interpreted as 'nuts'. 
These put your face in boards followed me around my Queensland holiday - 3 in all. The first one in Redcliffe, the next at Maleny Dairy and finally this one at Nutworks.  And of course I have photos of each time on this blog in previous posts - I hope you have the time to scroll back and find them. 
Thank you for looking, Margaret :)

Time to create

Continuing on with the theme of my last post - time to create. This time it was on my recent holiday to Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.  This layout was created for a sketch challenge over at Scrap Girls at Home Retreat.  They are celebrating 11 years of being in business - Congratulations.
One of things that I took with me was all the bits and pieces required to make cards with my friends daughters.  They had such a fun time making the cards - we made them over two days. Another little hint, I did the faux stitching on the larger circle by tracing around a bread and butter plate. Here is the challenge sketch.
Thank you for looking back with more soon, I promise, Margaret :)

Back into creating.

Since my last post, I have been very under the weather, however I am now back to creating and I love it.  Yesterday, I attended a 12 hour crop day (well, I managed 9 hours!) and I completed several layouts - two of which are below. Both were created from Paper Flourish kits and bits and pieces from my stash..
A little about this last photo.  I was rather limited in what supplies I had with me yesterday, and so the circles you see in brown, I stamped a soda can on the bottom and voila I have circles.
I have another post coming up with another layout I completed - on a roll!!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Make your move!

Another challenge over at Soul Scrappers, this time we were challenged to use the word "MOVE" on a layout.  Here is my layout:
These photos were taken when I visited friends in Queensland recently.  We had such a fun, laughter filled time playing Uno together. 
I wanted to keep the layout playful with lots of colours.
Uno, thank you for looking, Margaret :)

Monday, September 5, 2016

Travel quote layout

I am participating in a challenge at Soul Scrappers where we are to use a "travel" quote on a layout.Here is my layout:

I have used Tinby Designs Colour Crush Watercolour powder in Black Berry to create the background.  I love that you can use left over bits and pieces to create the random photo mat. The photo was taken at Buderim Rainforest Walk and Falls as I rested before heading back up to the end of walk. Great day it was to be out and about wandering.
I watered down some the powders and dyed some twine and fabric - I did not use as I did not like the resulting colour as it was more pink than red I wanted.  They will be used on another project later.
Here are my fingers after I coloured the twine and fabric. 

Thank you for looking, enjoy your wandering whenever it takes you... down the street or around the world.   Margaret.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

12 hour crop day for Jess.

Yesterday I attended a 12 hour crop day for Jess - I did not make 12 hours managed 8 hours!!  At this charity crop there were two classes that the teachers donated their time for.
The first class was with Jen Hall and we made this frame.  I love the background using Tim Holtz Distress Inks and lots of stencils.  I will definitely be using that technique again.
The second class was with Amy Prior and she used Colour Blast products.  There is a real shimmer to the page. and I love the quote " don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle".  The photo was taken when I was holidays and staying with friends.  Emma and Chloe and I made cards together that I had prepared before I headed away.  They had such a great time making them and we made more cards the next day.
 Here is a close up of the 'sparkle' on the page.
I also completed a couple of layouts.  Again here I am with Emma and Chloe doing the Buderim Falls Walk. There was still a walk up the hill to go at this stage!!!  We rested at this spot before heading off again!!!
This layout shows me singing with the Bee Gees! Well their sculptures!!!  The photo was taken on the Bee Gees Walk in Redcliffe, Queensland.  I was inspired by a layout I saw by Leeann Pearce in an old patchworkandcraft magazine - thank you for your inspiration.
A little bit of trivia.  The Bee Gees came to my high school in about 1964 to open the school fete.  They were so young and it is a memory I carry of my school days.
Thank you for looking, and are you singing a Bee Gee tune as you read this - I am.  "Staying alive, staying alive......."   Margaret

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Scrapbooking for fun.

This past weekend I went down to Melbourne and did a couple of classes with Beck Beattie at Paperfic Expo. 
This layout uses Beck's Colour Crush powders.  They are so much fun - and they explode before your eyes when you spray water.  Just the right background for the photos of my friends children blowing bubbles with the bubble sets I gave them when I visited Queensland this year.  I have kept it rather simple as I did not want to cover up too much of the fab background.
Here is a close up. The class below was called Reverse Canvas and it uses many techniques. The cheesecloth and twine were coloured using water downed Colour Crush powders.
The other interesting new technique I used on this canvas was paper clay to make the heart more 3 dimensional and I will certainly be trying many of these techniques again. Thanks Beck.
Thank you for looking, Margaret :)

Cards for fun.

Here are two cards I have made recently. 
This first card uses product from many different sources and I like how they have all come together to a fun masculine card. The greeting from Abraham Lincoln in the middle of the card.  
This card uses watercolour paints applied to the background.  Clean and simple.  The top and bottom were masked off.  After drying a stamp was applied and the flowers coloured with markers.
Thank you for looking,  Margaret :)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Crazy birds

Yesterday, I participated in a cardmaking fundraiser for Kisii, a school in Kenya.  Here is the card I created for the ladies to make.
It uses Tim Holtz Crazy Bird stamp and die, the background is Gorgeous Grunge from Stampin' Up! (SU) and the greeting also is SU.  I pre-stamped and cut the die before including in the bundle of goodies to make the card.  The bird has been watercoloured using SU markers.
I was inspired by a card I saw on Pinterest - however despite searching for over an hour I was unable to find the original creator of card that inspired me - it had been copied and saved to many boards. So if you are out there and happen to read my blog, thank you.
I love the Gorgeous Grunge stamps as you do not have to be precise in the placing of stamps, excellent for beginners and experienced cardmakers alike.
Close up of that Crazy Bird. 
Thank you for looking, Margaret :)

Saturday, August 13, 2016

When it is sunrise in Australia>>>>it is sunset in another part of the world.

This is going to be a long post. I have been competing in a challenge over at Soul Scrappers where we were sent a bundle of goodies with which to create a layout.   Here is my layout:
This is what I received in the post from the challenge organiser from the USA.
And this letter. "I hope you find my challenge challenging (yes it was).  I would LOVE to SEE the most BEAUTIFUL SUNSETS, you have EVER seen thru your travels or just being around your home town.(I did not have any sunset photos but I had amazing sunrises taken on my recent holiday - hence the title of my post and layout)".  Included goodies were:
  1. playing card diamond
  2. sunset quote
  3. 4x3 embossed white cardstock
  4. 3 black seagulls
  5. 4" gold  circle
  6. yellow/orange tissue paper
  7. red and yellow (4) triangles
  8. 6" of ribbon
  9. metallic gold streamers
Here is how I went about creating my layout.
  1. The most challenging for me - those gold streamers.  The first thing I did was iron them, yes you heard me right, iron them.  They had travelled from USA and were just a mess.  Now as I was ironing them I was thinking 'how am I going to use them?"  Well, the thought came to me about my machine embroidery days.  Why not get some water soluble Solvy and stitch them.  At this stage I cut the ribbon into strips to use with gold streamers and then okay why not use the tissue paper as well.  (Now I did test with some tissue paper I had to see if it would stand up to water - it did - so I pushed on with my idea).  This is a photo of them all between 2 sheets of Solvy.
  2. To the sewing machine I headed.   I used whatever threads/bobbins that I had close and matched somewhat the colours I was using.   I machined a grid with straight stitches and zig zag stitch. Here is the result (put on a background colour so you can see grid clearly)
  3. Then, give it all a wash in water with fingers crossed at this stage that it would all come together. Some of the colour from tissue paper ran in this step. Then put over line to dry. This is the finished stitching. 
  4. Now to assemble onto layout - I did tear a piece of blue cardstock to resemble sky and then stitched the finished stitching onto background cardstock and trimmed.
  5. Bottom left you can see that I have coloured white dotted cardstock and quote I received. A small amendment - I added and sunrise.
  6. The playing card I covered with blue cardstock and left the 10 showing - my journaling shows 10 reasons to love a sunset/sunrise. I added a tassel of left over pieces of gold streamers that somehow ended up on the floor or where cut of when I trimmed the sides.
  7. I then place the triangles and sew lines on them so that I could do some further journaling of my title. Birds where added.  This is a close up of some of the elements on the page.
Was it a challenge - YES, made me thing right outside the box to use all the 'goodies' I was sent. It was fun to go back to my creative machine embroidery days and incorporate this in the layout.

Now, my 10 reasons to love a sunset/sunrise:
  1. Colours (how can you not be inspired by the colours)
  2. Clouds (the create the patterns that catch the colours)
  3. Breathtaking - I certainly had my breath taken away by the sunsets I saw at Corindi Beach.
  4. Nature at its best - clear skies/dark skies, quietness.
  5. Spectacular - no one sunset/sunrise the same
  6. Inspiring - they can lift your spirits and you can find time for personal contemplation
  7. It's free - I grabbed a cup and tea to watch this sunrise - no one at the door to charge you entry fee.
  8. Calming -
  9. They can slow down time. You naturally want to go slow and appreciate the beauty you see.
  10. Helps you appreciate life's gifts.
Thank you for looking.   May you find a sunset/sunrise to inspire you.   I once saw a quote - author unknown.  "If have never met a sunrise/sunset that I did not like."  So true.  Margaret.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Here is a layout I completed on the weekend using Paper Flourish June Kit.  It contains Kaisercraft Just Land collection.   I have adjusted layout to suit my photograph - this is what I love about the kit, you get the ideas and you can adapt to suit your photograph and colours if needed.
The kit contain these fabulous wood veneer embellishments. Look, at my travel notes - I made it! If you are ever up in the Sunshine Coast area of Queensland why not head to the real undiscovered gem of Australia.
Here is a little insight into some of the other highlights of this walk (or trek for me-haha). 
Thanks to Mel and Craig for having me stay with them, so great to catch up with them and their girls. Craig also took the photo above from a bridge that suspends the water below and that we climbed (well walked really but it felt like a climb) to get back up onto road - another 300 metres to go!
Just so beautiful. Thank you for looking, Margaret

Quick and Easy card

Looking for a quick and easy card.   Here is one I made this morning using Stampin' Up!(r) set Work of Art.
Don't forget to decorate your envelopes. 
Thanks for looking,  Margaret :)

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Don't forget moments

Today a layout for a challenge over at The Memory Nest.  Here is my layout:
The photos of my friends daughters Emma and Chloe were taken when we visited Mooloolaba Beach, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  It is very close to their home and they love walking amount the rock pools and climbing the rocks and of course posing when there is a camera nearby. Can you believe that this photo was taken in winter!!!  I have used very girly colours to match the clothes they were wearing.  The speckled paper (made with sprays and gesso) I made for another challenge but ended up not using it but it fitted in perfectly with these photo. Click on the layout for a better view.  Here is the challenge layout.
Thanks for looking, Margaret.  Cheers.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Try to learn something new everyday.

Another layout today for a challenge at Soul Scrappers we were to be inspired by a layout from the wonderful Beck Beattie - here is my layout:
and here is the inspiration layout
I was inspired by the gesso/painted background, the colours Beck used on her layout (when printed out I saw she used pink as well) and the placement of strips of paper.
My photographs were taken when I was visiting my friends in Buderim, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia recently.  Emma (aged 7) showed me how to download a photo collage app for my Samsung Tablet and she then walked me through how to 'work' it.  Yes, you can learn something new everyday.  I resisted putting dog ears and noses on us though....
For the layout I first used white gesso with an chicken wire type stencil, then sprayed with ink and dabbed with some green distress ink.   The flowers and stars are to represent the flowers in Chloe's and my hair and the crowns for Emma and Chloe.
I hope you like this layout - and remember to be creative, one must play.  Even that means getting blue spray all over your hands as I did today.  Cheers, Margaret :)

Sunday, July 24, 2016

A fun and warm scarf

Here is a scarf I have knitted for myself - it is made with Lang Yarns Sasha.  The yarn is fun with long strands (almost like dreds) and it is quick to make up in one night, only uses garter stitch. My sister found this yarn in Vichy, France and posted it to me.
I love my scarves and this one is just so fun and warm.
Thanks to my sister for finding the yarn.  Keep warm, Margaret :)

Listen, can you hear the....waves?

Here is a layout I created for a challenge over at Soul Scrappers - it is a one word challenge and the word is 'listen'.   Here is my layout:
On my recent holiday north I stayed a couple of nights in a cabin at Corindi Beach caravan resort on the way up and loved it so much I stayed for 3 nights on the way home. I left my home early and it was 2 degrees!!!  How do I know that?  Well, as I was driving a strange light came on dashboard of my first thought......I paid so much to have my car serviced before I left, was is wrong? When I could I pulled over, checked the manual and the light comes on when the outside temperature is below 5 degrees....looked at the ambient temperature and sure it was 2 degrees.   It stayed that way until many kilometres up the motorway.   Arriving at Corindi it was 19 degrees!!!  So warm.  I had many beach wanders, I saw dolphins and whales in the distance.  Can you hear the waves?  I wish I could articulate just how beautiful the sound was.  The good thing - I could hear the waves from my cabin and they serenaded me to sleep each evening.
I have used Kaisercraft range called Coastal Escape - and this is just what I had!  I have distressed the papers, added some stamping (the eagle eyed will notice that I used my favourite Stampin' Up! Gorgeous Grunge stamps. 
Thank you for looking, can't wait for warmer weather so I can walk on the beach just up from home - it is cold today here - looking at these photos makes me warm though.
Thanks for looking, Margaret :)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hello - this is the life!

I just could not resist doing another layout for ARTastic Challenge Blog.  This time I have gone for a fun layout.  At Maleny Dairy, in the hinterland of Sunshine Coast, Queensland they had this cut out where you could have your photo taken.  My friend Mel (right) and I (left) decided that we needed to be there and do that. Here is the layout:
It still meets the country/rural theme of the challenge.  The colour in real life is much brighter unfortunately I have had to take this inside.  
Thank you for looking, I hope you managed a smile looking at us being "udderly" funny.
Margaret :)

Rural beauties.

Well, here I am back after some holidays - I headed to northern New South Wales and Queensland following the M1 motorway.
Today, I have completed a layout for a challenge over at ARTastic Challenge blog.
We were to be inspired by a pastel landscape called "Spring Frost Study by Elioth Gruner, with the added criteria of country/rural theme.   My photo (photos I have used two 5" x 7") was taken when with friends I visited the Maleny Dairy, in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  As soon as I saw these cows resting in the field I was immediately saying 'this is the photo I want for the challenge'.  Click on the image and you will see cows enjoying some winter sun.
I have made the fringe to represent the grass.  The top fringe I made by swiping distress ink in two colour onto a light tan cardstock.  Here is a close up of the fringe, the twine in two colours just does not show up very well in this photo:
Here is the inspiration photo, it was created in pastels and was a scene at Emu Plains, NSW.  My research shows that Gruner was identified as a painter who could capture light so magnificiently.
July inspiration is Spring Frost Study by Elioth Gruner
Thank you for looking, more layouts to come from my holiday.  Margaret


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