Thursday, June 17, 2010

The 21 Challenge - Day 17

Just 4 days until the shortest day of the year - or for many it is the longest night of the year. Why not consider donating to assist The 21 Challenge - see link on top of my blog. Thank you to all those who have already donated, it is much appreciated.
In an earlier post, I did a layout of a visit that we did to Ginger Factory in July, 08. Now this was just one thing that we did on that holiday. I had found a box of these journalling notes and I asked Jess and Heather (and me) to write out thoughts on what we would remember about the holiday. I used the stamp set I had out yesterday, Scribble This, to stamp the background and then I put some stick-on rhinestones to add a bit of sparkle to match the fabulous beaches. I hope you can see them - I will wait for tomorrow and take a better photo in the sunlight.

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