Monday, June 21, 2010

The 21 Challenge - Day 21 (The shortest day of the year or the longest night!)

The final layout for The 21 Challenge. I have finished off with a recent photo of me. I have kept it simple and put in one of my favourite quotes that I have tried to live by:
Whatever you are - be that!
Whatever you say - be true!
Straight-forwardly act,
Be honest - in fact,
Be nobody else but you.
I would like to say thank you to everyone who has encouraged me, sponsored me and donated to The 21 Challenge. It is not to late to donate - just click on the link on the top right of my blog.
Tonight is the longest night of the year in the southern hemisphere and I am blessed that I can spend it in the warmth of my home and that I have the warmth of my family and friends at all times - others are not so blessed, that is what this challenge has been about for me - making a difference in other people's lives.


Merryl said...

Well done Margaret. You have done a great job!! I have loved following your scrapping journey!

Kim Tonnet said...

Well done Margaret. A great effort and result. I have just settled up. How is Jess going? Will sort her donation out tomorrow. Luv K


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