Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wise Words

Settle back this is a long post. Soul Scrappers have a song and lyric challenge this month.  Ends tomorrow so I have just made it in time.  The inspiration was Words by F.R. David, come on sing-a-long:
Words, don't come easy to me
How can I find a way to make you see I Love You
Words don't come easy.
The criteria You must use a word....OR a couple of words...OR a sentence OR even the song title on your page. My inspiration was the word "words.  Here is my layout:
These photo's were taken at Winston Churchill Museum in Fulton, Missouri. I have kept the layout clean and simple - as it is the words that I want people to read.  You can see that top right that I have made a flip out tag to record my journaling.  Now what are the words that are have been placed on the image of Winston Churchill in that photo?  A chance to know the man better.
Brain - Keen intelligence
Eyes - Far sighted vision
Ears - Hears different drummer
Nose - Nose for news
Mouth - Roar of a Lion
Shoulders - Bears heavy burdens
Heart - Heart of a Lion
Upper Arm - Humorous
Spleen - Vents vigorously
Stomach - Appetite for work
Liver - Long liver (90 years of age)
Hands - Grasps opportunities
Intestines - Lots of guts
Legs - Stands up to dictators
Knee - Never bent
Foot - Firmly planted

Now, I wanted to end this post with some photographs taken yesterday of Umina Beach during a rather bad storm that we had yesterday. 
 Wild weather has whipped up the waves, the beach is washing away.
 It was wet and windy as you can see - the sea was washing up foam and sand.
The storm clouds.  Even in storm this is still a beautiful beach and I hope that it somehow recovers all the sand that has been lost.
Thank you for staying with me in this post.   The sun has come out today - but more storms have been forecast for this evening.
Margaret :)

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Leslie said...

Love the clean and simple layout to accentuate the words!! And those pictures you posted (even though it was during a storm) are gorgeous! Can't wait to see you layout with those!!!


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