Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Titanic Remembrance Day

What do you do when your inspiration, your mojo, your creative burst etc has taken a holiday? I will Google "Unusual celebration days" and I did this today.   I found that today 15th April, is Titanic Remembrance Day, a day dedicated each year to the memory of the Titanic, and over 1,500 lives lost. Here is my layout (and I just realized I have a spelling mistake in the title!):
My top journalling says :
Fairview Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Halifax sent four ships to recover bodies following the sinking of the ‘unsinkable’ Titantic. One hundred and twenty-one victims of the Titanic sinking are interred at Fairview, more than any other cemetery in the world. Most of them are remembered with small gray granite markers with the name and date of death. Some families paid for larger markers with more inscriptions. The occupants of a third of the graves, however, have never been identified and their markers contain just the date of death and marker number. Surveyor E. W. Christie laid out three long lines of graves in gentle curves following the contours of the sloping site. By co-incidence, the curved shape suggests the outline of the bow of a ship
My bottom journalling says :

A grave marked "J. Dawson" gained fame following the release of the 1997 film Titanic,since the name of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in the film is Jack Dawson.  Many filmgoers, moved by the story, left flowers

and ticket stubs at Dawson's grave when the film was first released, and flowers continue to be left today. Film director James Cameron has said the character's name was not in fact inspired by the grave. More recent research has revealed that the grave actually belongs to Joseph Dawson, an Irishman who worked in Titanic's boiler room as a coal trimmer.
The Celtic Cross headstone (the tallest at this site) at bottom right is in loving memory of Arthur Gordon McCrae, BE, University of Sydney, Australia.  He was aged 32 years. "Faithful unto death."   I went in search of more information found out he was educated at the Sydney Grammar School and at St Paul’s College, Sydney University, and graduated as a Bachelor of Engineering. He lived with his family in Chatswood, NSW a Sydney suburb. After completing his studies he received an appointment at a gold-mine in West Africa, from which he proceeded to the post of assistant-manager of the Spasky copper-mine, Akmolinsk, Siberia. He became engaged to the daughter of the mine manager. McCrae boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a Second Class passenger. He was travelling to meet friends in Canada. He died in the sinking, his body was recovered by the MacKay Bennett (#209) and buried at Fairview Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia on 10 May 1912.
I have kept my layout simple and largely unadorned in respect for the people who were lost in this disaster.
Thank you for looking,   Margaret

 updated 10.46am - spelling mistake fixed!!!

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