Thursday, June 25, 2015

Silk Ribbon Embroidery

I have been asked to run a silk ribbon embroidery beginners workshop at a local community group.  Here is what I have designed:
It uses 5 simple embroidery stitches and some little beads in centre of the flowers. It is in a frame for demonstration purposes - participants can make a small bag suitable for lavender etc if they do not want to frame.  I found this frame at a local op shop - so pretty I knew it would be just right for this project.
I am going back to my creative roots - for many years I was a teacher and creator of embroidered articles that were made on commission or sold.
It was fun getting back into even if these days it is harder to find supplies than it was previously.
Now to design some wool embroidery and this is proving more difficult to source supplies as once again it is harder to find supplies these days.
Thanks for looking, Margaret :)

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