Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Crossing the ferry - not once but 3 times in less than 1 hour!!!

Long post today - lots of photos to show you.
Over at Soul Scrappers they currently have a challenge based around "On the road again....".  Here is my layout:
Participants had to have completed a number of challenges at Soul Scrappers, we were then sent the same packet of goodies - the key is how we use these items to make an original page, using most or all of the goodies supplied. Here is the packet I received.  The colour was deliberately kept to brown/neutral tonings so a further challenge was to add some COLOUR
I did end up using all the embellishments in the packet.  The most interesting was the plumbers mesh (bottom right on top of the patterned paper).  I had never even seen this mesh before - it was sticky on one side and everything stuck to it!!!  I used this as a mask (using a red ink) on my background paper - I also did put it on the layout you can see it top left.  One of the fun elements I made was a tag from the patterned paper, then distressed it with distress ink and some of the muslin - which I dyed with coffee and salt. I added some of the embellishments (which I again distressed) and then applied the muslin and cut holes so that you could just get a little glimpse of what was underneath.
The next embellishment I made was a journaling tag from the long strip of paper included.  I used this to add other photos and also my journaling - opened to show two pages"
Opened to show 3 pages.
A little about the photos on the layout.  On the weekend of 12th June I went to a scrapbooking retreat at Lower Portland, on the Hawkesbury River. I drove to Wiseman's Ferry from my home and met Margaret B and Jane at Wiseman's Ferry for lunch.  We then drove in convoy (can you call 2 cards a convoy?) with me - I am in the red car, Jane and Margaret B in white car with number plate covered ,  following to our retreat location.  We first needed travel across Webb's Creek Ferry to the other side of the river - en route to Lower Portland as per the map we were using - we needed to take a road that said Greens Road.  Well we crossed, and stopped a little way along a road - oops looks like we took the wrong road!!! Turn back and take another road, ooops looks like that was the wrong road again - GPS and map can't be wrong!!! Okay, so we had back over the Webb's Creek Ferry, Margaret B and Jane talk to the assistant on the ferry and were advised we need to be back on the side of river we just took and told us how to get to the road we needed - a quick turnaround and we caught the ferry back over the river again!!!  3 times. It turns out the GPS and map did not indicate that some of the road we were supposed to be on had had a partial name change a few years ago!!
Anyway we eventually arrived and enjoyed our weekend. The photos on the tag show some of the views from our location.
A fun weekend with lots of laughs about our crossing the ferry 3 times and memories created to bring back in the years ahead. 
Thanks for looking.   I had fun creating this layout and I hope I filled the brief.  Happy travels, Margaret :)



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