Monday, June 22, 2015

Making cards for kids

I have been playing around making cards suitable for kids to make.  I came up with these two cards "monster" as a starter.
A classic - seen on many websites.  Orange is  background only - it opens up and there is another cookie and a greeting.  For kids I would prep most of the circles - for bigger kids they could do this themselves - with exception maybe of the blue scalloped cardstock that is put through a die cutting machine.
For this one I was blog surfing when I found I a card that just rocked - check out sarathings - I let her know I was inspired by her card to create this one. They use Ranger Distress Stains splashed from high!!!  I did sponge them with tissue after applying the stain so that the drying time was shorted - important here in Australia at present as it is winter.
Both cards are very forgiving - the images do not have to be placed just right - important I believe for the kids to make.
I love them and I hope you do as well.   Margaret :)

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