Saturday, May 27, 2017

Perfectly incomplete !

Last night Melissa Kennedy of Unmistakable Creations held a class called Perfectly Incomplete.  Now Melissa lives in Victoria and I live in New South Wales - so I decided to work on my own incomplete masterpiece at home.  Here is what I did and further explanation follows this photo, and it is somewhat a long post:

Class description - play with mixed media products you may not use. For those doing a page for an art journal we will be focusing on a theme for a bit - Accepting ourselves as we are faults and all and BEING UNMISTAKEABLE CREATIONS as well as hopefully creating some.  Bring along a QUOTE that means something to YOU based on the song Masterpiece by Jessie J.  
I chose the words "Got a way to go, but it's worth the wait."  Google the song to see the full lyrics.
I decided to go with an art journal - something I have seen quite a lot of on the internet etc, and never had the 'guts' to start one.  Here is what I started with Dylusion paint by Ranger = the something new.  For the journal I used a bound book (from Quick Quotes) I had from a visit to the USA many years ago!  The cover is interesting it has a quote by Cicero"The beginnings of all things are small" maybe appropriate for my journal experience now and to come.. I worked in my studio a.k.a my kitchen!!!
I must first explain that I did do a google search "Using Dylusion Paints" and what you see are my efforts of listening to a few presenters on the subject.  The first thing I did was apply the paint with a palette knife across the page. Next I applied some Dylusion Spray (I had heard on the video that they were all compatible).  I then used a stencil and applied the paint through that. This photo was taken late at night. I left it overnight to dry completely.
One of the videos I watched said to use a notebook (composition book in USA) and apply left over paint onto this. So, that is what I did.
It is now Saturday morning 27th May, I had breakfast and did my washing and hanging on the line. Time to complete my journal page.  Another photo, same as above so I can explain what I did next. I stamped the flower images with Momento black ink - an interesting result!  I thought of the juxtaposition of  using a new product/technique with using one of the oldest stamps in my stash - Stampin' Up! Inspired by Nature. Taking a black pen I wrote my favourite quote ever. I try to live by these words every day. A little bit of doodling finishes it off.
What you are - be that!
Whatever you say - be true!
Straight-forwardly act,
Be honest - in fact!
Be nobody else but you!
What have I learned by this experience:
Dylusion Paints are much brighter than I ever imagined.  This from a person who used to have purple hair and pink hair!   They mix well together.  Next time I will try the baby white process to add the paint that I saw on the internet. 
Did you read I said 'next time' so more journal pages to come for me.
Thank you for taking the time to read though this experience with me.  Thank you Melissa for challenging me.
Check out Melissa's website Unmistakeable Creations it was though her company that we got to have our recent cruise scrapbooking at sea.
Thank you readers for staying with me in this long post.  Until next time - I still have a way to go!  Margaret (these days rocking grey hair!)

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