Sunday, October 12, 2014

I have never.....................

I have never bungy jumped or jumped out of a plane but that is not the theme of the monthly challenge over at Jennibellie Journal Workshops.  The challenge given was and I quote "What have you never created with? What techniques have you never tested? What thing have you never got around to creating that you want to?"   I have never created my own paper buttons. Here are my jewels I created......
I recently started on Jennibellie's  Inspirational Station series. One of the first inspirational videos on how to create your own buttons from material that you would normally throw away - in my case it was corrugated paper from a box I received some goodies in and also scrap cardstock.  Some silver tissue paper that I had in the cupboard, inks, masks and some very old Mod Podge (It took ages to open that sucker of a lid) and even older Dimensional Magic.
I played around with different types of inks.   It seems that most of the work I did with masks puddled when I added the Dimensional Magic but hey I like the effect that gave my buttons their jeweled appearance.
I really like these two - the button on the left had some Mica ink applied and the button on the left was actually black ink but it turned this fabulous purple and the mask seemed to hold better here.
Close up of a few more of them.
Now I just need to put them on a project.   I am inspired to go on this Art Journal experience and look forward to sharing more of my creations with you.   Thank you Jennibellie I am so pleased I came across your work whilst out blogsurfing one day last week.
Happy creating, Margaret :)

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