Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Scrapbooking - Rusty Pickle class

One of the classes that I took at The Great American Convention (GASC), in Arlington Texas was a class with Kim from Rusty Pickle (Hi to Kim if you are reading this). It was a Play Day concentina book using file folders to create pockets with lots of tags to put in the pockets.
I decided to make the book a record of my first day at the convention - 4th June and I have put pictures and bits and pieces from the day in there.
The day started very early following an 11 hour plus road trip from Missouri -4am snooze in the car in the convention carpark - 8am with Kim's class, 9am the doors opened so that we could shop and look with the many vendors there. I did several make and takes with some new products on the market. Lunch at noon and then more shopping and looking. At around 4.30 I started to flag (check out the photo of me with my hands on my head) and decided to wait until my friends joined at about 5pm (thanks to Laura for taking this photo!). Then back to our motel to check in, show each other our goodies and share stories of the day, shower and then refreshed out to dinner. Finally to sleep sometime after this.

On one of the tags there is a rub-on that says "fun 1. a source of enjoyment, amusement or pleasure. 2. Playful, ofen noisy, activity". This sums up day one of convention.

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