Saturday, September 26, 2015

Recycled Treasures

I have made these pin and needle holders to donate and raise funds for a friend's son who is a missionary in Kiev.  He and his family are largely self funded by his parent's here in Australia.  
The doilies I find for usually a small amount of cash - I usually don't spend more than 75c for the small ones- often they have holes, marks etc on them.  A good soak in nappy wash and they are as good as new.  The one on the left is hand stitched and I have added beads and flowers from another old doily, the green leaves were the buttonhole stitch around the edge of that piece.  The one of the right is machine embroidered and I have added some silk ribbon (again rescued) and scissor charm I have had in my stash for YEARS.
Inside - a piece of quilt wadding stitched. 
I am sure quilters and embroiderers will love them. What do you think?  I loved them so much I went out to the local op shop and got a few more to be done before I deliver them next week.
Thanks for looking.   Margaret :)

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