Thursday, September 24, 2015

In my garden

Here is a layout I have created for Soul Scrappers Challenge called "In the Garden".  You may recall that yesterday I posted some photos of the beautiful Bird of Paradise flowers that are growing in my garden.
We were posted a selection of items to be used on the layout - and here they are.
Now what did I do with them? Will firstly I used the two die cut flowers as stencils onto white cardstock with Gelatos that I had shaved and made into a liquid with warm water. I also flicked some of the liquid onto the cardstock.  This I then cut down to a 11.5" square and distressed the edges (not shown) and placed onto blue cardstock.
I deconstructed the vanilla burlap (hessian) and soaked it the diluted solution.
The flowers and mini-cup cake after stenciling and additional painting with remaining liquid.
I then painted with acrylic paint the wood pattern paper with a mixture of white and yellow. The fabric butterfly I also painted with acrylic paint. I created a tag by painting with the Gelato liquid, by now just the dregs remained but love how much texture it gave, I then applied glue down side and literally threw on the beads (to which I had added some extra that I had to give more colour and bring in the blue more).
On the supplied wavy ribbon I added some blue bugle beads and the remainder of the beads supplied.
I then played around with how it should all come together and I am pleased with the result.  I love the tag and the beading on the wavy ribbon.
One last photo with my layout resting on the planter that houses the Strelitza Reginae. 
Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed reading about how I came to create this layout.  Have a great day.   I am feeling much better today - still have the cold but not coughing as much, hooray!!

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