Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Decorative jar/vase

Earlier today I made these cute little decorative jars/vases - shabby chic/vintage style from some small bottles I had (they are about 7.5cm/4" tall).  I decorated them with a paper band, some lace, ribbon, twine and a charm.  
I did ink the edges of the paper with Tea Dye Ranger Distress Ink.  The charms I have had for years.
Too cute, don't you think.   These are being donated to raise funds for a local church that my sister attends.  The crocheted doily (from a set) was made by an aunt for my 21st many, many years ago and I still use them to this day. 
Not longer after finishing these a headache was upon - and no not as a result of making these!!!

1 comment:

Leslie Germain said...

These jars are just gorgeous! I am sure the church will be happy to have them. And that doily is so pretty!! I have some just like that!!! xo


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