Sunday, July 27, 2014

A new camera - and a poser for you!!!

It was a cold and misty day on 19th June as we ventured into The Cape Breton Highlands National Park.  One of stops was at this bog and out we went for a walk along the broadwalk.  I love all these photos. 
I sprayed green glimmer mist onto one arrow from 6 x 6 stencil Arrows (the others I covered with waste paper so as not to spray onto them as well) from The Crafters Workshop. I cut away the top of the arrow to fit over the photo.   The result - well it seemed to fit with the foggy photos.
The journalling says - "a 0.3 mile walk loop between Mackenzie Mountain and French Lake. A typical highlands bog environment with pitcher plants, sun dews and orchids.  Moose tend to frequent the area but we did not see any." BUT WE DID SEE A FROG IN THE BOG IN THE FOG!!!
And I have a new camera and I will be taking it out and shooting photos this week. 
Here is the photo by itself and you will see the frog more clearly I hope.
Thank you for looking.   Margaret

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