Tuesday, April 23, 2013

An American rail journey

Layout was from a new sketch (341) over at Scrapbook Challenges.
Taken at Jefferson City Railway Station
One thing I had never done on my holidays in USA, was take a train ride.  Well, I can now say I have. I pre-booked tickets ready for my trip on 14th November, 2012.  I took the morning train from Jefferson City to Hermann, MO.  I purchased a business class ticket for $USD8.50 extra (Total $USD42.00) and boarded the Amtrak train - unlike most stations here in Australia the station was not raised you just walked onto the concrete alongside where the train stopped and walked up a set of steps that the conductor put out.  On boarding,  I was escorted to my seat and was told that my ticket allowed me a free drink - but was told to get it quick as it was only a 1 hour journey to Hermann!   Business class gave you a table and more leg room, that I am sure would be beneficial if you were doing the full Kansas City to St Louis route. After walking around the beautiful town of Hermann, I boarded the train, late afternoon,  for the return trip to Jefferson City, with another free drink offered..
If you intend to take a train in US you need to pre-book as most train stations like Jefferson City, are unmanned. You will save money as it is more expensive if you purchase on board. Volunteers open the station up about half and hour before the train departure/arrival but you cannot buy tickets.

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