Friday, December 28, 2012


Yesterday, my sister and I went fishing at The Entrance, New South Wales. We tried out our new fishing rods and licences (well not really new we have had since August but have not used previously). The Entrance is on the Central Coast of NSW but one hour north from my home. We did not catch any fish this time but it was fun trying.
 Here I am  looking the part.
 Lunch was at Toowoon Bay, again on the Central Coast, just down the road from The Entrance.
 Toowoon Bay Beach.
 Love this shot.  Glorious.  There is something about seeing a bench in front of a beautiful tree.
 Rock fishing at Toowoon Bay - not for us - give us a river or lake anytime....
As children, our family spent many happy times on The Central Coast and in particular The Entrance and it is always great going back.

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