Tuesday, March 6, 2012

52 Walks: Weeks 1 to 9

This is probably the longest post I have ever done. Over at Scrapbook Challenges they have a challenge to get out and walk, photograph and scrap following a weekly prompt. I am late to the challenge and today I was down in Wollongong and got out and walked along the beach and a nearby dam and completed Weeks 1 - 9. The rules *Just to clarify a couple of things - your photo absolutely must be taken on your walk, and the prompt can be interpreted as loosely or as precisely as you wish.
Week 1: "Out of Context" Is it a fish? No a plastic spoon that had washed up on the beach.Week 2: "Blue" a beautiful blue bottle and a blue peg washed up on the beach. The bottle had a blue filter and could have been a perfume bottle. I could not choose just one of these images they are just so bizarre.Week 3: "Reflections" I loved this wharf and its reflections as you walk along it.< Week 4: "Framed" A perfect circle frame in this rock pool.< Week 5: "Cloud" After days of rain clouds around Australia it was good to see these light and fluffy clouds.. Week 6: "Silhouette" technically a shadow. Me taking a photo.Week 7: "My beating heart" Who could not not have a beating heart seeing the views here. I love the water, and sometimes I think I should have been born an Aquarian!!! Close to it born in December!
Week 8: "My Way" my shoeprints in the sand.Week 9: "New" This was the first time I had visited Cordeaux Dam and also it is the first time in 14 years that this spillway has had water running over it. To think not all that long ago Australia was in drought and currently we have so much water that our dams are overflowing


Dee . . . . . said...

Hi Margaret, These are really great photo's! I particularly love the way you have interpreted 'My Way' such a cool idea. Im glad your all caught up and look forward to seeing your photo's throughout the rest of the year :)

yvette said...

Hi Margaret, well done on catching up in one go! I am so glad you joined us on the 52 walks challenge. Your photos are totally amazing, I love them and am looking forward to seeing lots more photos from Australia over the year, (I live in London UK)x

Ladybing said...

Margaret - your photos for the 52 Walks are wonderful.

I also see you have a wonderful sense of humour from some of your other layouts and that you are an SU person! Very cool

buy wow account said...

WoW! Such a wonderful photos. I really enjoyed reading your blog.=D


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