Sunday, January 20, 2008

Catching up on some scrapbooking

The first page is one that I created in July - I got the idea from Creating Keepsakes July 07 magazine. I have used Stampin' Up! (r) stamp set "It's a Date". This is a great challenge - my bits and pieces on the table in front me. There were some photos of my China trip, some planning for my USA trip in September 07, parts of train tickets, tv programme, calendar entry, etc etc. A fun project - why not try it today yourself.
Some images: (c) 1990-2008 Stampin' Up! (r) Artwork: Margaret L Crawford
The next page is Merrilyn and I (hence the paper covered "M") on her wedding day in October. I have known Merrilyn (a friend's daughter) since she was born, and I helped at her home on her big day - making cups of tea, sandwiches, painting the fingernails of the flowergirl - that sort of thing.
The third page is from my September 07 USA trip. Again, this page was inspired by a layout in Creating Keepsakes January, 08 magazine. I was inspired by the title and the use of brads on the journalling. 19th October, 2007 New York City - the only day that it rained during my entire 6 week holiday - and the only day I did not have my umbrella. Sorry for the glare on the photograph, but it good to see the sun after a couple days of rain here in Sydney.
I am re-energised - off to create a couple of more pages.

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Merryl said...

Your scrapbook pages are great Margaret. Well DOne.


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