Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mini Chalkboards

I had these 3 mini coasters around in my crafting supplies for some time now.  Thinking of the upcoming fete I decided to get them out and apply coats of chalkboard paint to them and make mini chalkboards.   Here they are:
I have packaged them up with suggestions of how they could be used.  Two of the trickiest parts were - waiting for the paint to dry between coats, just as well I am a patient person and then applying the chalk to the twine.   I went with the "red" double sided tape and wrapped the twine around the chalk. 
They are so cute...don't  you think?
I also found a star shape on a stick so I am doing that one now.  I think I am hooked on chalkboard paint and have lots of ideas running around in my head.
Thank you for looking, remember Be Happy and Smile,  Margaret :)

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