Friday, June 24, 2016

My sisters blind challenge

Settle back this is going to be a long post.  My sister is currently in France and she emailed me saying she had found a scrapbooking magazine (all in French) and she loved one of the layouts. So she set me a blind challenge to replicate the layout.  She will send me photo of the one in the magazine when I send her these.  Yes I did two layouts - let me show then and then I will set out the instructions she sent. Both photos from our holidays last December.  Can one have too much of Paris?

The email instructions and my asides:
1. Imagine a white textured page e.g. raised dots (now I did not have this so I have gone with plain white) and in your mind divide it into 9 equal parts 3 x 3
2. Sew a line of 5 rows (2 to be zig zag) down approx. right 3rd of page.  Note : not all lines have to go to the bottom, at least 2 shorter. (I left some threads dangling)
3. in the middle going across the pages use the gold paint I gave you from Singapore, was it called dimensions, and cover roughly the area with sponge some could be stenciled to. Don't worry about going over imaginary lines. (Yes, the paint was called Art Anthology Dimensional Paint BUT it was chocolate with glitter highlights, so I did another layout - Paris - using Faber-Castell Texture Luxe in Gold that she also got in Singapore).
4. Matt a photo that has gold tones with white cardstock and place over the gold painted area towards the right side of the middle area. Maybe don't go to the edge of the page leave some room for an overlapping word or small quote.
5. Can place something fine in black to the left of the photo, middle area, even overlapping eg some black washi tape with birds or something fitting to the photo.
6. Sew on a large white word to the left of photos, hopefully gold paint will show it off.  Now there was no way I was going to SEW a word so I opted for a "Remember" rubon and Paris that has been white embossed.  Stamps from Fun Stampers Journey.
7. Can place a smaller word to the bottom left corner overlapping photo.   I went for stars that I got in Germany and a wood veneer angel I got in Cornwall, England on our holiday.
8. To finish scatter some small gold stars and black paint splatter.  I did, in fact, do this step after paint had dried. The stars are a mask and the splatters my favourite Gorgeous Grunge stamp, both from Stampin Up.
9. The layout had black writing on top left hand corner of page overlapping gold slightly. This confused me as there was no instruction to put gold up there.....
10. Good luck, I will send you a photo of this lovely page once you show me the page you made and I will bring or send the magazine home as it has some lovely pages.
Here are some closer up images of both layouts.
Thank you for patiently reading through this post and thank you to Heather for an interesting challenge.  Margaret :)

“Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, saut√© it, whatever. MAKE.”  Joss Whedon

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