Sunday, June 26, 2016

Mixed Media travels with Margaret!

Cold here today, maybe the coldest day of year so far, so why not spend time inside and get my mixed media on.   I am participating in an Artist Trading Card (ATC) swap with Mixed Media as the guideline. Here are my ATC cards. I had fun creating these.
How did I make them?  The first thing was I brayered acrylic paints onto old book pages. I have not used brayer for a long time - good to get it out and use it.  The book was old, brittle and showed signs of age.
The book "Travels with Charley" I got it for 20c at a flea market.  I have used it on cards previously. Do you see my reference to my title of this post?  A love that it says a "vivid kaleidoscope" so this was what aided my search for just right colours of paint.
Next, I made my own tape - washi style.  I found this fabulous video by Mixed Media Morsels on how to make your own painted tape.   I watched the video, was captivated and decided to give it a try. You lay strips of masking tape down on waxed paper and go to town with paints, inks, markers, stamps. Thank you Cat for a great video.
In the photo above you will see a small brown cardboard tube used to make circle marks.  A little story about this.  I ducked out this morning to get some masking tape and groceries.  Well, as I approached the sales assistant at grocery store he had to change the tape in his register, he threw the roll into the bin - I asked could have the roll, he looked at me strangely and got the roll for me - 'what the' I can hear him say!!!!
After this was dry I pealed off the tape, and applied to my base ATC. Our tape must be wider than in United States so I needed to tear it and I think it gives great character.
Finally, finished off with some distressed cheesecloth that I had coloured with ink, a thought stamped onto paint scraps from when I finished with each colour onto separate piece of card the sequins for a bit of bling.
Here is a close up of some of the cards:

I thoroughly enjoyed making these ATC's, I had a smile on my face as they came together.
Thank you for looking,  and I love the quote that follows, it sums up mixed media don't you think? Margaret :)

“Often she felt as though she had been picked up and turned about like a kaleidoscope, that all her complacent assumptions had been shaken up and reassembled in a different order”. Judith Lennox, All my sisters.     


Leslie said...

So beautiful and different!!!

Mitzi said...

Thats a perfect quote, Margaret. Thanks for sharing how you created your masterpieces.

Mary Steinemtz said...

Love reading your tutorial, very clever lady, they are gorgeous. Thanks for playing.


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