Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Have I gone bonkers?

Here is a layout I created for a challenge at Soul Scrappers.  The theme was to use a quote from Alice in Wonderland. The other criteria was to use buttons. I will just make it as the closing date is today.
I looked up the definition of "bonkers" and was presented with mad and crazy!!!.   This photograph was taken a few years ago in Carcoar, New South Wales.  My sister and I stopped at this garage sale and there were these paddles showing 1st and 2nd - of course, I went a little crazy!!!!
Now the story of how this layout came into being.  It started on the weekend when I made this layout
To be honest I did not like it....was it the colour? Was it the round patterned paper?  Who knows but I did not feel as though it was something that grabbed me.   This is my 'going bonkers' opportunity!!!
So today I took off all the embellishments and the photo and cut the paper into strips and then placed onto a green patterned paper.  I grabbed my white gesso and a circle stencil and went to town - oh no, then I had to wait for it to dry!!!  When dry (and I was lucky as it is a beautiful sunny autumn day today) I put back on the found beady things and other embellishments.  
Thank you for looking and as Lewis Carroll wrote:
Have I gone mad?
I'm afraid so.....
You're entirely BONKERS
But I'll tell you a secret


Dolly B said...

What a fun, happy, bonkers layout :) Glad it inspired you to create something you liked and had fun doing so. Love your layout. Thank you for sharing and joining in the challenge and Carcoar is just a few miles from where I live :)

Leslie said...

WOW!! Love how you created this layout!!! I actually like both the original and the artsy new one!!!!


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