Friday, April 29, 2016

Morning Tea at Dangar Island

Earlier this week I went on ferry to Dangar Island and then lunch at Hawkesbury River, this time to raise funds for a school and mission in Kenya.   Here are just a few of the photos I took - scrapbooking to follow. Dangar Island is located on the beautiful Hawkesbury River, it is land locked so you need to take the ferry or have your own boat.  For more information on the island click here.
 Here I am at the front of the ferry taking in the beautiful weather and the beautiful sights.
Dangar Island Ferry Wharf
Who cannot love a view with a beautiful gum tree framing the sky and the river.  Taken from the cafĂ© on the island.
 My morning tea with Key Lime Pie.  I love that all of the tables had a hibiscus flower on them.
There is no cars or trucks on Dangar Island, just golf buggies to get around - in case of fire take the boat!!!
Lunch spot back on mainland at Hawkesbury River Reserve - a few of our lunch companions
A great way to spend a beautiful Autumn day.
Margaret :)

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