Thursday, January 21, 2016

Look what was delivered and why!!!

This box of goodies arrived on my doorstep on 20th January.  What was in the box? Why?
First this is what was in the box - a gourmet box of wine and cheese and goodies.
This is the why.  On my recent Trafalgar Tour - Christmas Market Magic which was co-run with Australian Better Homes and Gardens there was a photographic competition during our tour.  My photo of my sister taking part in an Apple Strudel demonstration at Schonbrunn Palace on 8th December won the "Simply the best holiday, moment or memory" category.  And the box of goodies was my prize. 
Trafalgar commented "We thought it reflected our pillars that show the best memory or moment and your photo certainly captured the moment".
Thank you Trafalgar and Better Homes and Gardens.  The box is heading to my sister, as I am a non-drinker and not really a cheese lover (well other than Cheddar and Tasty - boring I know).  It is only fair that it heads to her, as she was the subject of my photo.   I kept the basket (well, I will when I get it back from her) the card, ribbon and little tag because a scrapbook layout will follow....of course.
Thanks for looking,  Margaret :)

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