Saturday, November 21, 2015

Christmas small quilt

Well, what weather have we been having here in Australia - on 13th November hail, 20th November was the 2nd hottest November day in history, and today cool verging on cold.  Add to that telecommunication access problems - no local phone no internet since 12th it has been an interesting time - did get back today.
I was at a local art exhibition and I rescued an old patchwork kit and I made this - it will be donated.  Now, if I could only draw faces they would be smiling -  I am practicing and will have it down pat before I hand it over next year.
I want to share with you some of the photographs from the recent hailstorm we experienced.  It was short and savage.  The leaves you see are from stripped trees in my yard and from a gum tree 2 houses over!!!
 A pool of water also congregated and had fun ruining my plants. 
Here you can really see the hail coming down. I opened the door to take the photo and was hit on the hand with a piece of flying hail.   No damage to me and luckily no damage to any windows or glass tables!
Oh well, some of the trees got a good pruning, some I think I will lose and I definitely lost some begonias - the melting snow (oops I mean hail) turned them to mush!!!
I wonder what tomorrow will bring, thanks for looking,  Margaret

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