Sunday, September 8, 2013

Elephant Appreciation Day

Over at ARTastic Challenges their current challenge is "quirky and fun". Now this did stump me for awhile. So off to do research I went.  First I looked up quirky and found the following definition "having or full of quirks",  not much help there.  So I looked for words that would describe quirky and came up with far-out, kinky, off-beat, way-out, odd, bizarre, off-the-wall, peculiar, strange, unconventional, unusual, wacky and weird. Okay, feeling more inspired.
Next, the word bizarre kept jumping around in my head - then why not bizarre holidays in September. So off to I went to research bizarre holidays in September.  2nd September National Beheading Day - I think not!!!  22nd September Elephant Appreciation Day.  Appropriate as I had photos from a trip to San Diego Zoo in November 2012 yet to be scrapped.
Again back to Google this time I typed in words to describe elephants and found the words above that I printed onto Grey cardstock together with my title.   I ran my black stamp pad around the edges of all the papers.  That fun Bo Bunny elephant standing on the title is quirky in his/her own way. Some Candi Hardware dots and ribbon I found during my holiday in US complete the layout.  I had fun completing this layout and stretching my brain into the researching the topic.

The postcard I purchased at the Zoo and it is full of elephant facts. Did you know?
  • An elephant's skin is so sensitive that it can feel a fly landing on it.
  • Elephants use their trunks to drink but the water does not go all the way up the trunk like a straw. Instead, the elephant sucks water part of the way up the trunk, curls it toward its mouth, tilts its head up, and lets the water pour in.
  • The low, resounding calls elephants make can be heard by another elephant up to 5 miles (8km) away.
  • Elephants have been relentlessly hunted for their tusks, even though the tusks are made of dentine - the same as our teeth!
Finally, I would like to recommend a book that I read last year - The Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony.  Learning about love, loyalty and freedom from a herd of wild elephants.  A great read.
Another book I have read with elephants as the main theme would have to be Like Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.

So on 22nd September this year and every year that follows remember to appreciate the elephant.... Thank you for looking today.   Margaret


Dale Tiernan said...

what a terrific post. Learnt some new facts too. San Diego Zoo is really terrific.

Jane said...

Oh Margaret, I love all the effort you have put into research for your page and Wow have you come up with a beauty! Now who doesn't appreciate elephants I ask you? Love this fun, quirky and slightly bizarre page :)

Elaine said...

Love the background to your page, you have certainly done your homework :). Your page is wonderful and the words around your page describing these great creatures finishes your page off. Altogether a wonderful page. Thanks for playing along with us at ARTastic this month.

DebiJ said...

Wow Margaret, what a great lot of work you did just to get the 'right' page...pleased you didn't choose the other one!
Great photos of your time at the zoo, great you have scrapped them so well.
I was knocked down by an elephant once, so only like them in photos now! :)

Tone-Lill said...

I,m speachless in how much research you have put in to this Fun and Quirky LO, and at the same time appreciate the world of elephants. Thank you so much for entering our challenge at ARTastic :)

Lizzy Hill said...

Ooooh! Another 'coastie'....hullo there! And I'm in AWE of your research, too....& elephants certainly ARE how you've gotten in so much info as well as pics on your page.....& that li'l elephant up the top is SUPER cute:):):)

Julie Short said...

What a great read Margaret!
I know a great deal more about elephants than I did two minutes ago so thank you.
Your photos are so good too and are spot on for your layout.
Thank you for joining us at ARTastic this month.

Shazza said...

What a great page and post! You did a great job of the challenge...well done!


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