Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Friends are those who nourish the spirit"

What a great anonymous quote this is "Friends are those who nourish the spirit" . This has never been more relevent over the past few weeks as I have a had a chest infection that has left me feeling without energy etc. My sister was overseas and so I could not call on her at the start - but my next door neighbour and friend (who noticed I had not collected the local paper) came in with this beautiful basket of goodies - just what I needed. Thank you Dianne.

When my sister arrived back in Australia, she came over and made a great salmon mornay, sorry no photos of this.

And then I got a post from Laura and family, who live in Missouri, just the pick-me-up I needed. I have put a close up of the beautiful owl notecard set she included. Laura loves her owls and Cole put in a beautiful handwritten letter. Thank you Laura and Cole.
My abovementioned neighbour went to Bendigo, Victoria and so I put together a bag of nibblies and drinks she could take along on her road-trip and I put them all in this bag with gift card I made for her.


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