Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blue Mountains

Guess what I did today? I went to the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. A friend from Ireland and I walked the Giant Staircase (about 1000 steps) down, from the Three Sisters at Katoomba, along a ridge and then we caught the scenic railway up to the top. In all it took about 2 hours. A great day to do walking, not too hot and not too cold. My sister and another friend were waiting with a picnic lunch at the end of the journey. If you could hear me now there are a few "ooh's and aagh's" happening as I sit here and every muscle is fighting another. Here are some photos. Enjoy. I am off to have a couple of aspirin!!! I will scrapbook later.

The first photograph is of Katoomba Falls. Recent rain has made for increased water flow over the falls. The second photo is of yours truly with the Three Sisters in the background - taken at the end of the walk and before we boarded the train back to the top.

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