Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cards for fundraising - made by kids

Today, I lead several children aged 6 - 12 in making cards for a local church fete later in the year.  As I prepared for today I wanted cards that were easy enough for the kids to make, held their interest, and allowed them some scope with creativity and their own ideas.   I must say the cards they created were fantastic. They created over 20 cards and also a small notepad (no photo unfortunately - to busy helping them!!)
Here is photo of some of the finished cards with the designs I prepared for them.
The monster card (already packaged up ready for the fete) is one that I love - great for working with kids.   The Crazy Birds Stamps and Die (Tim Holtz) card uses washi tape and the participants had the choice of using coloured pencils or markers to colour their bird of choice. 

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Carol Ramsey said...

These were awesome and what a great idea to get the next generation of scrapbookers started. It gives them confidence to explore ideas, colors and develop talents.


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