Thursday, November 17, 2016

Did it start then?

This layout is for song lyric challenge over at Soul Scrappers.  Now this layout really has nothing to do with the Bee Gees, even though I am posing with their sculptures in Redcliffe, Queensland.  It is about the lyrics, again not the Bee Gees but lyrics by Francesca Battestelli from the song I Am Home.
The chorus includes the words, "Maybe I was made to wander, maybe I was born to roam." These are the words that inspired me. The sticker I adhered to the handwritten journaling (by the way covering up a flower or two) also inspired by the north, south, east and west included in the song.
From childhood I think I have had wanderlust - we had a family friend who we called Uncle Frank and he would go on holidays and bring us back tales of his travels and one time I remember we got the old fashioned airline bags as a gift.  Did it start then? Later, we had a neighbourhood friend, a few years older, who went on a ship to England for a year, she came back and shared with us all her goodies - ship menus, coasters etc, etc.  Did it start then? 
As children, the family would go on holidays, sometimes we would go with our grandparents or our aunt, uncle and cousins ...I remember going to Camden to see the Rotolactor (a big thing in those days), Canberra, Dubbo (before the Zoo was even though of), Manly and the Central Coast. In those days these trips took longer than today. Did it start then?
Who knows.   But I love to travel - to wander and to roam to new and interesting places in Australia and indeed the world.
Thank you for looking may your wandering and roaming never cease.  Even if it only down the street to enjoy the little things.
Margaret :)


Mary Steinemtz said...

I think it's gorgeous,I love the colors and patterns of the paper and the photo is pretty sweet too.

Mitzi said...

What wonderful commentary, Margaret! I'm glad the song inspired you to scrap about your wanderlust. Thanks so much for playing at Soul Scrappers.

Leslie said...

Traveling is so fun!! Gorgeous page! Love the dark background!!!


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