Thursday, October 20, 2016

Christmas cards

I recently became aware of a group that distributes handmade Christmas cards that spread cheer to residents of nursing homes. Here are some cards I have designed that will find their way to this group.  I have made up several packs of these and the ladies at a community craft group, where I lead a class, will make them up
A very simple and easy way of spreading Christmas Cheer.  It runs from 1st November to 14th November, 2016
This card drive was started in the USA 7 years ago.  The first year they collected 750 cards and each year it continues to grow.  Last year they received over 22,000 cards and they are distributed to over 100 nursing homes throughout USA, Canada and yes, Australia.  And this year they are branching out to UK and Europe.
If you are interested and want to participate please click on this link to find out more.
Updated 28/10/16 to show the ladies of Pastimes Craft Group, Ettalong Beach making their card for the drive.  Thank you ladies.

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Deb McCleary said...

That's awesome Margaret, thanks for spreading the word!!


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