Sunday, January 15, 2012

Scrapbooking Europe and cupcakes.

Before I start apologies for the quality of the photos, they were taken with my mobile phone. Reason my Nikon broke in the last week of my holidays and I need to take it and get repaired this week. London Eye - it was a clear and sunny day, so I got great views from the Eye.

Wien (Vienna) Austria - this was my birthday. We found this great little restaurant whilst discovering around Vienna. We had Wiener Schnitzel and it was delicious.

On Friday night we had neighbourhood drinks (we usually have at Christmas but I was away) and I made (well technically my sister did!) these Angel Food cupcakes and I decorated with Petite Eiffel Tower candiesI purchased in Paris. Aren't they cute.

More scrapbooking to be done and I am also making 6" x 6" scrapbook pages to be donated to a good cause. Thank you looking. Bon Annee - that's happy new year in French.


We Have All The Wine! said...

Those cupcakes look amazing. Also looks like you're having a great time discoving and exploring Europe.

Jewel said...

I like these Eiffel tower jellies - something a bit different. And the cupcakes look yummy.

Scrapbooking is a good subject for a blog as the work you do looks good shown in this way.


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