Sunday, August 29, 2010

A blast from the past with something new

Back in the 1990's I volunteered as a demonstrator at Old Sydney Town (near Gosford). Once a month I would demonstrate quilting and embroidery. The quilt hanging is one that I made and sold not long after. We were required to dress in clothing appropriate for the era and not wear or use anything that was 'modern'. In winter the little cottage had a wood fire and I would have to look after it for the day as well, it was nice and cosy. It was a great experience. Unfortunately, Old Sydney Town closed several years ago.
The something new - well yesterday I was watching Scrap TV and I have based this layout on one that was demonstrated, what I really fell in love with were the flowers.
Recipe for the flowers:
1. Cut 3 circles (freehand okay and preferred) of varying sizes. Synthetic fabrics work best.
2. Light a candle (have water nearby just in case) and take the circles, one by one, and move the edges over the flame. You can get even more texture by putting them over the flame and the fabric will buckle and give you interesting lumps and bumps.
3. Layer on top of each other and place a brad in middle.
4. Spray with glimmer mist. (The first flower was white polyester fabric and look what happens when mist is applied - beautiful, the second flower was a lavender colour to start with)
5. Apply to layout and go aaahhhh.


Merryl said...

aaahhhh! They are really clever! Nice layout Margaret!

Kim Tonnet said...

Wow Margaret. You've evoked some very fond memories of Old Sydney Town. I wish it was around to take the kids to now. Your life is full of interesting experiences. Thanks for popping over the my blog recently. And the flower is very good too. Take care, Luv KimT


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