Friday, May 28, 2010

Visit to the Doll Hospital

On 8th May, I took my Aunt to the Doll Hospital Bexley, NSW. She has owned Rosemary, a celluloid doll, since childhood. Rosemary was in need of some medical attention. Mickey (my cousin's soft toy) came along as well as he needed a clean and and some TLC. Rosemary was belted in and away we went. Now if you have never been to the Doll Hospital it was a wonder of dolls and soft toys and all things dolly. After Rosemary and Mickey were checked in - they will be there for a few weeks we headed to Eden Gardens, Ryde for lunch. A fun day.

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Kim Tonnet said...

Wow. What a great experience. I think my Mum took me there many moons ago. I wasn't even sure if the memory was real but maybe I really did go to a doll hospital??? Luv KimT


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