Friday, March 12, 2010

You've got mailboxes!

One of the first things I noticed on my very first visit, many years ago, to the United States was the mailbox system. Householders work out how much the postage is going to be. No going to the post office or a post box to post your mail, simply put it into your mailbox, raise the flag to let the mail collector know you have mail to be collected. If they have mail for you they will put the flag back up - that way you know you have mail.

I first saw the mailbox template in a scrapbook magazine sometime ago, cut it out planning to use it - sorry I do not remember the magazine. It was supposed to be enlarged another 50% but I like it as a smaller version. I cut a small piece of paper and using my scissors created a little bit of grass at the bottom of the mailbox. Are you like me - do you have loads of paper in your stash - so when looking for cardstock to use I came across this great cardstock that has been hiding for a few years - loved the numbers and it just seemed right.

These are the letter boxes (sorry mailboxes) at my friends homes in Kentucky, Missouri (2) and Denver.

Off to check my mailbox - sorry letter box!!!!

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Linda said...

I took photos of US mailboxes when I went to the US too. One day I might even get around to scrapping them! Love your layout. xx


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