Monday, March 16, 2009

The great outdoors in NSW

This last weekend, my sister was invited to a wedding in Wellington NSW. We left late Thursday afternoon and headed to Blue Mountains for the night. In the morning, a short early morning walk to Sublime Point at Leura. You get fantastic views of The3 Sisters from this lookout and without the crowds at Echo Point.. And the mist/clouds rose up the mountains it was a fantastic site. Next we headed for Wellington and as Heather attended the wedding, on Saturday morning, I went for a drive in the country around Wellington. Some great photos of cattle, sheep and countryside. After the wedding we headed for Mudgee and again the mist below the mountains was inspiring. Enjoy beautiful NSW. A great weekend out in the great outdoors.


Shiry said...

How nice the views are!I can breath the fresh air just through these beautiful photoes.

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful scenery .
it's a good place for relaxe yourself.
If i can , i want go there open my heart.



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