Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cold weather stamping in Xiangtan

It has been cold here, and apart from the occasional trip into the city to get supplies and going to class today (Sunday I know) twice only to find no students (aaah!!!) I have stayed in the warmth of my bedroom. The last two days I have done some stamping - here is a card and a scrapbook page I have made. The photograph of me with the fresh flowers, on my head, was taken in Yangshou, the ladies make these and sell them for 2RMB each. I bought 2 and together with the students we had a fun time, posing and taking photographs of ourselves.
Images: (C) 1990-2009 Stampin'Up! (R) Artwork: Margaret L Crawford

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Jayne Mercer said...

Margaret I love both of these.


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