Thursday, September 11, 2008

A card for a good friend

I can't believe that I have made two cards in two days here in China. It has been so hot, I think sitting in my bedroom/office with air-con on has made me get creative. Here is a card I have made and sent off to a good friend in Kentucky (hi Reta if you are reading this). Instead of stamping this time I have used some SU rub-ons from the Urban West collection. There is a little bit of stamping I used the Paisley background stamp.
Posting mail from China is an experience all of its own - you go to the post office and once you have been able to let the service assistant know where you want to post the letter to - she (and it is always a she there are no males) will weigh it and give you the stamps required. She will make sure that you have the addressee details in bottom right and my details in top left, and you have to have an envelope that they will give you - you cannot use your own envelopes!. Oh and I found out today if you want to send mail to a Chinese address (as I did) you must write the addresses in Chinese. Oh well find a student to help with that one, I was lucky today as there were some students from another school in the post office..
Now you take your envelope and stamps over to a table, and with a pot of glue you close the envelope shut and glue on the stamps - on the back of the envelope! Walla only takes 20 minutes to post 2 letters.
Images: (c) 1990 - 2008 Stampin Up! (r). Artwork: Margaret L Crawford


Anonymous said...

Love the card Margaret.

I will never ever complain if Michelle and John are busy at Asquith Post Office again!

PS Joshua is happy to be a Josh!

Jodi said...

Card looks Great Margaret...hope it doesn't get too sticky hot there for you.

Suzanne said...

That is a lovely card. I am glad that you got it in the post what an interesting experience. Lucky you had someone to help with the addresses.


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