Friday, March 7, 2008

China update

I have finished my first week of teaching here in China. I teach 3 classes (7A - 32 students), (7B - 30 students) and (7C - 31 students) and have each class 3 times a week. Each period taught is 45 minutes and are in 2 period blocks. I have ventured out to other shopping areas near the university. Today it has started to rain and it is cold, and I have needed the heavy overcoat I brought with me!!!! The lessons this week have mainly been introductory. I asked the students to get together and ask me some questions. These included: What music/books/films did I like; what made me want to come to China; will I be going to the Olympics; where have I travelled to; and the best Did I believe in true love!!! Of course!!!.
On Tuesday night I participated in a cybercrop with the INKlings - good to get out some of my stamps I brought with me, I would have like to have bought more with me, but alas my suitcase was already overweight.
I made a card - still not able to get photographs onto this blog.
Bye for now, XieXie, Margaret

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