Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Memories of China

I got my photos developed yesterday and I am ready to start scrapbooking. But first I have sent some photos off to a friend in Narrabri. Her husband and my sister went off to visit a Beijing university, as part of their study tour and we walked to Bei Hai Park, about 30 minutes from our hotel. We had a fantastic day on the lake, strolling through the park, watching the locals relax and climbing up to the White Pagoda.
Here is the card that I made to send with the photos:Images © 1990 - 2007 Stampin' Up! Artwork by Margaret L Crawford
Stamp Sets : Ancient Asia (108736) & All Year Cheer 1 (108731)
Here is one of the photos - we hired a pedal boat for 1 hour and this is a view from the boat:
And here is the White Pagoda, another view from the boat:

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Anonymous said...

Love the photos and the card that you sent your friend. China looks very interesting, the photos show a lot of history.


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